Comedy, Pretty Pictures and Visual Storytelling.

My name is Alex and I make TV shows and commercials.

I’m proud to say a show I’ve directed won a National Emmy (2013/”My Generation”) after being nominated several times.  My work (primarily directing but I do edit much of my own work as well) has also garnered a few regional Emmys, 32 Addy awards and a bunch of Tellys.

But the best awards are what my clients have said:

“You’re a F#@*ING GENIUS!!!!” – Rich Christensen, creator/host of “Pinks,” “Pinks All Out,” “Passtime” and other shows.

“A Real Game Changer.”Steven Schupak, SVP/PBS, after seeing the first episode of “My Generation.”

“A Raging Success!”John Scardapane, CEO of Saladworks – Our ad campaign raised Saladworks sales by 40%.

If you have some commercials in the works or a TV show in need of a director, I’d love the opportunity to get involved.  You can email me at

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