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XX 2017

XX 2017

Four short Horrorfilm directed and written by women. XX is a new horror anthology with a gender twist – all segments of women directors are helmed and will lead female star. The director was given free creative run within the budget and time constraints, but all segments will involve the horror genre.

Filmmaker Jovanka Vuckovic, St. Vincent, Roxanne Benjamin and Karyn Kusama show four gruesome stories of great fear. “The Box,” a boy (PeterDaCunha) begins to show kakaibapag behavior after watching a mysterious gift box. In “The Birthday Party,” a woman (Melanie Lynskey) refused to a premature death ruin bash his son. “Do not fall,” a harmless camping trip turns deadly, and “his only son,” a mother (Christina Kirk) must deal with children uitnaar hell.

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