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The Orlando Magic wanted comedy to herald their move to FOX Sports Florida. And nothing says “COMEDY!” like a little anchor-on-mascot violence.

A bit more fun for the Magic. That guy in the mascot outfit was terrific to work with. And in case you were wondering, yes, mascot guys are like carnies with agents.

You’re looking at a rarity these days. Super 35mm. Savor the flavor.

Nothin’ like some good, solid tabletop work. And that rotating tabletop cost $11,000 to build. It’s really cool.

An oldie but a goodie.  We used to call these “Kodak” spots back in the day.  The VO guy was paid in season basketball tickets.

What, animation too? Yep. Here’s a neat little factoid: the music was originally done for a Jack Daniels pitch. Even the client didn’t know that. Until now.

Everyone asks about the music.  This track was originally laid in only for the client’s “first looks” purely to get away from typical “sportsguy music.”  They insisted we run with it.  So we did.

Another in the off-the-cuff Miami Hurricanes campaign. Strong visuals/super-slow motion. This guy is built like an Adonis – just like me. Only different.

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