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O&O DiskImage Professional Edition v11

O&O DiskImage Professional Edition v11

O&O DiskImage Professional Edition v11

O DiskImage (x86 / x64) – Full


O DiskImage (x86 / x64) – Pune, 110 oo DiskImage lets you backup an entire computer or individual files at any time, even when using a computer. If you ever lose your personal data can be quickly restored with just a few mouse clicks, evenif Windows can not start. It also allows the SSD drive and the latest UEFI system.

iliDiskImage gives daanisang eduplicar system restore or clone a PC hard drive or full. You can also restore the backup of computer hardware that is different from the original server, for example,where the motherboard changed the target machine, or buy a new computer and restore the backup to the former.

Product Features:

Backup your entire computer with the push of a button.

System backup and hard disk, a clone entire disks.

based backupsaBrand Nev File: now twice as fast than everand restauracionarkuivos backup and / or the individual folder.

direct creation of VHDs.

Monitoring and warning of security risks.

Backup incremental / differential will change only.

easily restore files, folders, drives and discs.

restore system to another hardware ().

Create a system bootdirectly from Windows with engine integration.

Plug-and-play: archivesat selected folder appear copied and synchronized.

Supports Windows 10, Windows, Windows 7 and Vista.

With importantesat palm: A true backup is always something that many users prefer to avoid. At least until thesuffered their first loss of important files as a result of software, hardware or User error: when it becomes clear how important a reliable and up-to-date backupje true!

All standard and advanced features are combined in solongprodukto. This backup software is the easiest and safestto prevent the loss of important personal files! Options are available to automatically backup and manualconfiguracion. Thanks to the unique system of recovery that includes tools for system recovery in combination with additional O DiskImage will quickly be able to restore importantdata, even if the backup is created with an older version DiskImage OO.

BackupBuong PC hard disk or file with the touch of a button: When you back up your computer, oo DiskImage storage of personal files and data from hard disk and individual choice. This not onlyprotect irreplaceable files, or, in the worst case, also saves a business out of it to create a new configuration program odloženoi Windows operating system. O DiskImage allows you to backup the entire computer system and hard disk or only individual files and folders.

backupon a regular basis protects against data loss: To make sure that your support is still valid, we recommend that you reduce them at short intervals from each other. O DiskImage can be set to automatically do so data can be copied, for example, timesper week. Salvarespazo drive, you can set the maximum number of backups should be preserved for old replaced by new ones appear.

sistemamadaling and quickly that even different hardware: Restoring backed OO DiskImage is as easy as pie: all you have to do is run the program,select the backup you want to restore, you. Included in the software is to recover its independent mechanical sredstvatvoj old backup can be transferred 1: 1 to the new machine. Given a different store brands recognized automatically and perform Windows settings yourself.

Plug-and-plaifunction:Anyone who wants to save the data to an external hard drive is easier with the new DiskImage OO 11. Thanks to files and folders option of integrated plug-and-play, can be automatically selected as copy, for example, hard diskpovezan to an external computer. It is ideal for users who forgetto regularly backup or do not want to go through the hassle. Once configured, the automatic backupai love itself.

Criticism runs directly from OO DiskImage can bring the system back to life instantly and without installation. Do this with the bootable media(, USBstick or currently installed CD / DVD), which is based on Windows system which contains all drivers required standards.


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DimScreen 1.1

DimScreen 1.1

DimScreen 1.1

DimScreen is a small application that changes the brightness of the screen easily. Laptops, this is accomplished by two shortcut (Fn and two soft buttons); It’s computers, such as desktop where the key does not work or does not exist, that DimScreen proved.

Because it is notrequired installation executable file DimScreen z. B can be located in any folder, your Home folder. Right-click the icon notificationbubukasOsvetlenost menu with ten different Ebenen.Um help you find the icon DimScreen automatically on the menu.

Abbreviations are really useful. They are configuredsettings menu. They are an excellent substitute for the function keys on the laptop. DimScreen, also offers the opportunity to select the level of brightness, which is active at the beginning of the program.

Hotspot Shield VPN Elite 6

Hotspot Shield VPN Elite 6

Hotspot Shield VPN Elite 6

VPN Hotspot Shield Elite Patch

As Anchors Hotspot Shield VPN’s world’s most reliable Internet Security solution. Over 75 million downloads, Hotspot Shield VPN for Windows gives more Windows machines than any other competing VPN. Hotspot Shield VPN for Windows provides your web session, your online identity is protected from pots, passwords, online shopping information, interviews, and download encrypted.


Custom Safety

HotspotShield VPN for Windows daOhikoInternet security application designed and developed for user operating Windows system. Work on tailor made solutions:

– Windows

– Windows XP

– Windows 7 Home

– Windows 8

– Windows 10

Hotspot Shield VPN for Windows malware, phishing and anti-spam protection for websites. IP address assigned to you by your ISP given a new IP address to you and the United States. That makes it impossible for you to track your online activnostipored device.

Unblock website

Korporaziobulego, schools,Colleges and universities are not places Facebook, YouTube, Gmail and Twitter will allow access to some of the games. Hotspot Shield VPN for Windows without restrictions, such as access to the site. MetHotspot Shield, Facebook or internet filters that restrict access to work or school to another site that you want to create that gives access to uncensored avoidance.

Anonymous browsing

Privatnostii Online Security are two major issues for today’s time. Other bainosnopersEnhance tracking your online activities, all activities related to the use of log files to the ISP. In a glass house, where living exposed Iouri weaknesses. Hotspot Shield protects the free Windows VPN IP address, your location hides not only Potter viewers, but also your ISP. As anonymous users can surf the Internet in full privacy. Hackers have no chance of nastavinazad on a computer with Hotspot Shield.

Public Wi-Fi, protection

Most attacksTake place in Publikofoku network. Unknowing people in trouble, in the end, are online identity, passwords, credit card details and other sensitive data lost hotels, restaurants, cafes and airports. Public Wi-Fi networks provide secure and unprotected areas of the Pot Viewer network to more easily intercept your data. Hotspot Shield VPN for Windows encrypted network traffic, mrežishopping your data, passwords to instantly ensure you do not have more pot viewers.This ensures that no pots can not be intercepted by your ISP, or track of your web activities.


CracksNov win

PotPlayer 1.6

PotPlayer 1.6

PotPlayer 1.6

There are many third-party media player and PotPlayer is a good choice for music and video versions.

While that most people now listen to streaming music or video, there are times when you need to connect to data and files stored locally, the only option you.PotPlayer is a great media player, with a large variety of file types can handle multimedia.

Vosproizvedeniyabudet with quality hardware you install the program, but in testing, with no play PotPlayerMOV documents GB, 865 MB MKV, or GB AVI. Small files are played without any problems. You can apply to exchange information and explain the details of the information on file, including the clock in the PC.

With support for.ass PotPlayer subtitle files are .srt and play subtitles, if they have them in zhepapka documented video. The number of options PotPlayer wonderful. You can optimize PotPlayer, to get the best performance,But the default settings are appropriate for most video.

PotPlayer can also play audio files. This includes a standard, or you can download over the Internet. The program has a lot of information about the files, bit rate,Document Type and amount of space. Like other media players, also presented dlyaekvalayzer sound and everything is working very well. This is not a replacement for stereo, but the effect on the sound.

ProgramDaum, a Korean company, but this is all in English during and after installation. One annoyance that PotPlayer not appear in the taskbar notification area only, so use the program, you will get it in the open action on the screen, or theyzamechaetnayti.

PotPlayer an alternative to the first media player. Securing a large variety of formats and support the quality speelIs perfect for video and audio.


Add equal conditions criteria automatically manage settings

Add support forPixel Shader madVR vfunktsiya

Add support for SUP (Blu-Ray) subtitles

Add the ability to playback of MP3, files with descriptive text

Add support DIVX (XSUB) subtitles

Added ability to change the stereo

opportunitybygevoegDie put in a folder in one place (F5 Capture Folder)

Issues addressed during synchronization subtitle record

Edit Action unusual when some files play BIK

Some solutions for subtitles and DVD menu using DVDDXVA2

Management update Pixel shaders

Symbol processing improved

Add DaumOblako HTTPS support

Bookmarks now restricted 2000

Update settings automatically select the management

Chess Titans 1

Chess Titans 1

Chess Titans 1

Chess Titans, one of the most beloved games of chess by users of Windows XP, Vista, Windows 8 is not available for download, until now!

virtual chess fans have created an unofficial version giant chess for Win 8. Finally, you can back this classic free!

Titans unchanged

Giant chess version of Windows 8 is a faithful adaptation of the classic. You will find yourself in front of the 3D version of chess. Pravilaseberubah: pawns sacrificed in the middle of the Governing Council,Knights move in the scheme of “L” and the king annoying.

Are you a beginner chess? Chess Titans is very focused on helping newcomers. You may also be aware of every time you move a piece hetelke. You can also use a lot of different levels of difficulty.

Do you think a giant chess will be born? You can charge and may download other Windowskako classic game of Solitaire, Minesweeper or liver. All of them adalahmenjalankan Windows 8.

skaakDitquite get you

Chess Titans is a beautiful version of chess, thanks to 3D images. camera faithfully reminds us what you would see if you were in a real game. The documents and advise on the design and dimensions are suitable. You can make ookspeel with pieces of porcelain, wood, also managed to create a real experience odbor.Mora drag every bit of their new square, and you have a number of different configurations for it.

second chance

skaakTitansstill fun, even if it is many years since its launch. Many are aware of a great time to spend time with her when she went missing from the latest version of Windows. Luckily fate gives you a second chance.

V Ray 1

V Ray 1

V Ray 1

V-Ray is a trial version of a Windows program that belongs to Photographic Design 3D design software with subcategories (namely 3D Designing Modeling).

It is available to users with Windows 2000 and earlier versions, and is available in English only. The current version is and has been updatedOn 05/23/2011.

Since the software, our selection and application program in 2011, it has managed to get out of the mouse, and it receives 755 terakhirminggu download.

V-Ray is the software that requires less storagespace than many of the programs in the Design photo software section. ThisIs software that is very popular in India, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 presentation powerful application that is included in Office 2013.

As with most other applications that are available in Microsoft Office 2013, Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 includes a new welcome page that is useful. A list of files opened ddiweddari’r left, and a network of templates to get started. You can also look at the top for more templates if you do not see someone you like. Click or touch on shablonShte provides a window to select a variationof you.

As part fwyaffersiynau newPowerPoint, Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 includes a bunch of themes, templates and new transformations. Microsoft has some basic features for photo editing. You can select a filter for images imported into Microsoft PowerPoint 2013. The editing functions are essential and feel just like the swyddmeddwl. You still want to use a program such as Photoshop, to make heavy modifications to photos.

Speaking of photos, you canBoth now import photos and videos from the Internet. Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 integration withservices being cysylltuat your Microsoft account. You can download videos from YouTube and photos from Facebook.

images and formatting command is improved in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013. The new guidelines are the product of consistent Microsoft Office. Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 smart enough idangos you how graphic views are aligned with other graphics on the slide.

SkyDrive integration in forcefully in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013, so you can pick up your work on your presentation from any device connected toSkyDrive. There is even an application on the wei PowerPoint, make some basic edits. You still want to use a computer or tablet Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 to do serious work.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 is the new “Presentation Review” that throws installations with multiple monitro.Wedi barzEkran convenient timer elapsed, you can help yourself and not movingfor some time. You can get your slide notes on the side not to be tempted just to read the slides. This happens all unknown to people in the audience.

PowerPoint2013received many updates that make it easy to use and will continue to be one of the best apps for making presentations. Do not forget to check our detailed look at the functions of PowerPoint 2013’sNovi here.

Adobe Flash Player for IE 15

Adobe Flash Player for IE 15

Adobe Flash Player for IE 15

Adobe Flash Player plugin for your browser to IouViev video games from the Internet, all toanimations.

More navigation

If you want to make the most of your time online, duzuAdobe need to install Flash Player: Many sites interactive content will not play, you do not have thisprogram.

Adobe Flash Player is widely used by application programmers iprogram simple games that are compatible with most sortzekoordenagailua.


When downloading Adobe Flash Player, which is integrated with your browser to play all dynamic content. If you right-clickthe respective content, scope and speed settings are cases Balkanac video games and other content changes.

Number 1 app for your browser

Adobe Flash Player isessentialako ofcontentvhen you want to be able to access the online search. arrenegonkortasuna had some problems, the quality is excellentand very easy to install.

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