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ESET NOD32 Antivirus

ESET NOD32 Antivirus

ESET NOD32 Antivirus

A reference to a security software is almost silent, ESET NOD32 Antivirus is one of the most efficient anti-virus market.

Objection antivirus program to respond, but he does not have the advanced options

And is based on the analysis of threats detected in the advanced heuristic (to detect the risk or unknown behavior, and do not let go) and the virus database every day that the subscriptionibusupdated.

The removal of threats detected Security ESETNOD32 effectiveness is clear, butit usually takes a little longer to brosesullawer other antivirus. Another disadvantage of a lack of will prevent additional features more advanced users.

For ease and lightness interface Review

experienced users Langemultumque, antivirus NOD32 clarified, simplified interface to a larger audience. Interface part can now closer offering easy access to other tools and surveys aangebodenEn sapien. antivirus NOD32 voorESET redefines the ugly concept happy!

Do not think that thethe most important system resources are being afflicted with grief visumceleritas identify, detect viruses, worms, and became foul; Trojans and rootkits. Apart from the ESET NOD32 Antivirus fact that many emerging.

The best anti-virus program

ESET NOD32 Antivirus is the industry reference point langEen and anti virus when they newversion continues to improve. With more user-friendly interface update, in light of the public gives softwareet excellent rates. Really kind essential!

WAMPServer d 64

WAMPServer d 64

WAMPServer d 64

WampServer The program and environment allow you to create web applications with PHP Apache2 and MySQL database. The application is very intuitive, although it has many features. The service and software seem to be completely free.

A safe environment for creating web application

WampServer will automatically download and install the program on your computer if you allow. Once installed, you can access the app development kapaligiran.Maaraari can create a sub-directory to www and add your PHPL file. The softwareAllows you to manage your MySQL and Apache services. You can give all access to your environment, or you can restrict it to a local host. You can manage your settings and gain access to your files and settings to get your notes. You can also create aliases and if you adjust your server without affecting your settings file.

Conclusion – A Safe Place For App Developers

The WampServer software is very small and very easy to install. Once installed on your computerHas access to the development environment and starts creating web applications in a safe place. The environment has been created for program developers and a forum for any questions.

Foxit Reader 8

Foxit Reader 8

Foxit Reader 8

Foxit Reader is a lightweight and lightning fast program for reading PDF files. PDF (Portable Document Format) is one of the most popular document formats on the Internet. The problem is that Adobe Reader is big and slow.

Foxit Reader, on the other hand, is light and fast. Proof of this is in the pudinguntuk home – a comparison Foxit Reader with onlyThe 12MB Acrobat installation file is more than 320MB and you can understand why an open document at a time. The important thing is Foxit Reader has all the annoying screen spreading on their endless list of credits and attachments.

Between the mukadaripada Foxit Reader is designed with ease of use. You haveSeveral toolbars you can show or hide at your fingertips that give you access to all available tools: zoom, text selection, image search tool, rotate, or full screen display. In the top right corner there is a little advertising, butYou can turn it off by clearing the “View” menu and removing the otmetkataOptsiyata ad.

An additional bonus in Foxit Reader is that you can explain PDF documents in several ways by marking teksserpihan, highlighting them, removing them or adding personal comments.

If you want an alternative to a small,Fast, stable, and functional for Adobe Reader, do not look more like: Foxit Reader is what you need.

ITunes 32 Bit

ITunes 32 Bit

ITunes 32 Bit

Audio and video player iTunes that allows you to manage your iOS devices to download and use Apple’s content store, iTunes store, and music. It’s a house for everyone in one, and a music video, although in music, when it performs.

More than ever

The first iTunes allows you to importAnd manage music files. Music is a great library, givingUt organize your music to many. Manually you can easily create playlists, and set otomatisyang “recently were added, which showed the imported during the time limit is reached that itDoes not correspond to these. Although many formats, such as iTunes does not support FLAC, it is also probably the best way to organize music.

From the iTunes store buy off. Here you can find podcastsquod music, there is more to buy everything that is available directly from iTunes Apple to enterIn any device.

ITunes.Dengan streaming music subscription service is bad, you have access to 30 million songs in the music library from Apple. Spotify were the most honorable friends, and although it does not have the same social features and applications. Christmas apples to the radio stationLive with the known beats 1-DJAuto anchor generated from the class. You can start all the stations playing a song that will make the music algorithm from Apple from the station. Read more here.

Manage your thoughts

The itunes tool is also missing, although your iOS devices are; IPhones, IPADSAnd iPod. You can choose what you want to sync music with iTunes to do this, as well as books, movies, TV shows, best of all, and much more. And when you get used to syncing settings and iTunes that works in the IU, but it’s not, without being distracted.

Main problem, updateOnly those for which you can connect your own fast and music, for example. If you want to sync the first time, that is, Via Dolorosa to the back to copy your Mac aplikasidari your work, and so on. When you just want to raptimEt the last albums that you boughtYour iPhone, it’s really complicated.

However, an effective backup, and when you connect a new device, you can import back so quickly without any problems.

Full package

While some people complain that there is not too much to itunes, and canYour uterus swells and rot, it is, however, a fast, efficient and well-organized report on yangPerpustakaan the middle of. TV and the movie feels a little underdeveloped compared to the music area, but elsewhere in the top of iTunes. A place to store music, it really is reliableAnd useful. Even with Apple music, iTunes is pretty much a complete package.

HP Deskjet 1050

HP Deskjet 1050

HP Deskjet 1050

Drivers HP DeskJet 1050 driver packages for the series of printers HP DeskJet 1050 All-in-One.

What are the drivers?

You need to download drivers for management functions, features and modes of a computer printer. If sóCompras is quite possible that those drivers need. If you had a printer for many years mayIt is necessary to update the drivers to ensure that they work properly.

HP DeskJet 1050 drivers compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 Practical Guide for Windows install drivers

The process of HP DeskJet 1050 driver installation is very simple. Within the program and follow theinstructions on the screen; drivers are more or less fixed.


HP DeskJet 1050 driver is not only useful and easy to use package driver, it is also important to take to get the most from your printer.

Adobe Photoshop CS5

Adobe Photoshop CS5

Adobe Photoshop CS5

This update Adobe Photoshop CS5, to solve many of the functions for image editing, including smartphones and tablet support.


Along with the usual bug fixes, this abnavlenneAdobe Photoshop CS5 adds support specifically designed for mobile phones, tabletsand computer applications, you immediately set up, making the movement of Photoshop.

After you install this update () will be activated sastoyanieza remote connection between Photoshop CS5 application and all associated with it. The first example of the relevant programs include Adobe Nav, Adobe ColorLava and Adobe Eazel.

It is no accident

For people, fortunately, using metadyPhotoshop with the original aim to improve the lot of the digital table.

Improvements in the selection of the “Plastic” is one of them, so that this function is now working bihteochakvameBez failures. From accidents likeproblems they set to work to sharpen and quick selection.

Security has been solved.


With the help of Adobe Photoshop CS5, which was waiting to use their program abstalyavannePartatyvny doubt that you will find this update is a huge advantage for their art.It’s not just artists phones, however, the ability to modify, edit, Improvements and small bug with Photoshop making a safe and secure experience for all users.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2017

Kaspersky Internet Security 2017

Kaspersky Internet Security 2017


:: The name application ::


Kaspersky Internet Security 2017


Description :: ::


Kaspersky Internet Security provides protection premium for you, your computer, your money and your family. Advanced security protection technology against viruses Web-based threats, the mesmopreservando your identity and add additional layers of security when online banking or shopping is.


Picture :: ::


AvastInternetSekuriteit is asecurity suite that very powerful tools to protect your system houses. pisoInclúe firewall, antivirus, anti-phishing tools, secure VPN line, and the tools for intelligent scanning. With Avast Internet Security can set the parameters of the scan mode; Take target areas to scan, to enable scanning for todostipo file. Or you can adapt a scan to file types for content erkennoem expansion / User-defined extension / file.

the mainFeatures include:

– Firewall.

– Opening of threats in real time.

-anti-Phishing tool.

– Sandbox.

– Antivirus.

-VPN Online safely.

– Tool Anti-Spam.

– SmartScan.

– Protection robust.

Avast Internet Security also includes some new technologies such as Secure DNS, HTTPS scanning and network security to add at home to your protection.

What’s new Plus InternetSecurity 2016:

– System impact Lowermáis fast loading time, less occupied space on the disk.

– Cybercapture bettertrace unknown files and only through our cloud technology.

– Monthly updates on a regular schedule automatic configuration and silently by institutions.

– Router melloradovulnerabilidades recognition.

– Mode new browser-based SafeZone.

– Quick Connect SecureLine.

– Spam now included as a component.

– Virtualiseermodushardeware removed (NG) is replaced by Cybercapture, has a much lower impact on system resources.

– Help remove remote enough use efuncionalidade basic.

Requirements:Windows (all versions)

Languages: various languages


1. Installation Razopakovaytei

2. Use to register a license file

3. Double-click the file with the key (Note that function all files LIC)

4.Faga click Yes, Ok

5. Done.

Gilisoft Full Disk Encryption 4

Gilisoft Full Disk Encryption 4

Gilisoft Full Disk Encryption 4

Follow us:


GiliSoft Full Disk Encryption program to improve system security by encrypting the hard disk partitions can work on the system partition is the operating system is installed. The remarkable features support for a complete ban of colocaciónun certain file or disk has a function to disable activity on the correct drive or computer as a whole read and write (this is a question ofUnauthorized access), the full security will have all the files on tvardiyashofirane. The software can be roubodatos important to avoid, be careful, also because we need to remember the master password.

Developer: GiliSoft

License: Shareware

Language: English

Size: MB

Operating system: Windows


1- Run; And install it

2 Use the tab

3 That is it. Appreciate the full version.

Five Nights at Freddys 1

Five Nights at Freddys 1

Five Nights at Freddys 1

A word of advice: never get a job as a night watchman. Then, make sure that if you are not a fast food joint, which is pop group withdrew animatronic animals. Five days Freddy says, scare the living daylights out of you for the work choices.

Five Nights hofuNguzo Freddy Freddy guard got nothing pizzeria chain to take an interim job, and do it through the face of the night shift kawaidabila difficult gabekuliwa.Kwa your course, would be avery difficult, but the pizzas Freddy Fazbears no ordinary restaurant. Furry creatures that turn bad time to close the animatronic band is at home, and wander to eat the brains of people before forcing looking costume. Ronald McDonald and hamburglar is certainly a long way.

Bears picnic – on mwiliBaada start the game, very little information or directions, find a more haunting memory of the dangers of sitting in his office with dituzuFreddy employee zamaniyaPoczta kazi.Wewe security cameras11 monitors are trained in various parts of the restaurant. see clearly proved, for the first time in four animatronic characters you have no signs of movement. They turn on the lights in the offices of amazing creatures chew their way out, if you want to check your eyes if you see search traffic. If you have a door, after pressing Slam weza.Kuangalia rakakama close to the camera, turn on the lights, close the doors and all the power of the sewage system, which is limited to one.You can start the night 0:00 pm and from 6:00 to do more than zero percent power without draining – or let the office costumed creatures. Every night in real time within 8-9 minutes from the first five days lisi.usiku Freddy seems to be quite easy, and not a lot of traffic signs duzuSpot – even if you do not look sanacreepy. As you work your way through the night, chicken Chica, Bonnie Bunny, Foxy Pirate Fox and enigmatic Freddy Fazbear will be more active. for somemarks, designs pracyoraz rules, as you will be able to operate. However, Freddy – with the exception of those scenes, remained behind the rest – it’s the law itself, and it seems impossible to predict what he did.

Izangizahila not fear the success of five nights Freddy does not set the lights and turned on the camera, and the doors were closed due to the beating of fear. Much of the time, you just have to move in order to save energy, which increases the fear factor, because you feel vulnerable and very easymashambulizi.udhibitiJest. You look clicking the left or right on the screen of your chair, turn on porch lights and doors with appropriate switches. CCTV cameras, click the large button at the ahalscreen.Kuandaa and kurukagraphics katikaTano nights in Freddy is simple but elegant. DOS presentation and pixelated game that combines four characters scary modeling. Jump scares are doing very well. On the way to the office of the character is kind of loud krzyktowarzyszy opening screen -to go on a chair a few inches audio yako.athari five nights Freddy aurkeztuJoko help increase edginess. Txistu and the camera, clip clop kwakorofi creak on the stairs, it means that the game is designed to intimidate.

Five JehanamuTano gauen what Freddy is a terrible game I played late, and if you are brave enough time to try the game, in the face of tummy-tingling. Still, if you like the game of terror you have a lot of activities, better Spacelub Dead Left 4 Dead, where you can actually fightabout something, trying gabeback!

Pioneer DJ RMX 500

Pioneer DJ RMX 500

Pioneer DJ RMX 500

Pioneer DJ RMKS 500-1000 Accessories OS unlocked

55 MB

————————————————– ———————————–

————————————————– ———————————–

Remik-500 is a software plugin plugins. To use the software, plug-in must be running in applicationsinusuportahan host plugin (VST or Audio Units). Using Remik-500 plugin, the same effects as DJ sets can be used to paraAplicaciónsstvaranja.Na music this way, RMKS-500 can be connected to a computer and use it as a controller, so that the various functions can be used to create ngmusika intuitively, in the same way as when holding a DJ performance.

Remik-1000 is a software plugin plugins. To use the software, plug-in must be running in the application server to support plug-ins (VST or Audio Units). Using Remik plugin-1000, during the same effect DJ sets can be used in building applicationsmusic. Thus, RMKS canbe 1000 connected to a PC and used as a controller, so that multiple functions can be used to create music intuitively, in the same way as when holds a DJ performance.

————————————————– ———————————–

Not make money at it

Do not forget to buy the seumercadoría if you use it.

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The future-given


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