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Zapya File transfer tool

Zapya File transfer tool

Zapya File transfer tool

Zapya application is file sharing peer-to-peer free, specially designed for use on mobile devices. Since this application uses share point, an easy way to transfer large files wirelessly. mentresparticipa devices connected to the same network and install the application, you can quickly move files between them and even see through the program itself. This is a great way to share documents, multimedia informationand more in the office or at home.


Zapyasimpleinterface has an easy to use, which includes a simple type of control of each group would find applications in social media with file sharing. You can share files in a group of friends, looking for friends online around quickly view files usandobuilt-in media player. data transmission through merezhubezdrotovoyi easy and fast, free; You can set up file sharing and leave finish itself. The result is an instant experience infinite ituBaikand easy to use file. There are some restrictions on quepodes making; For example, user groups limited no more than five members.

A good choice for users, Wi-Fi

If this rayonide large number of users sharing the same Wi-Fi network, such as offices or universidadeZapya is a tool for sharing files that is very easy to use.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior Demo

Sniper: Ghost Warrior Demo

Sniper: Ghost Warrior Demo

Sniper: Ghost Warrior is a first person shooter who experiences explosive explosive Modern Warfare with the emotion of high voltage shoot poachers. This is a fully playable demo that can be downloaded for free.

With four difficulty levels, Sniper: Ghost Warrior will be a realistic simulator that cuts a lot. In the most difficult area you leave the wind and distance without assistance. Setting the bottom, will help in the pursuit. There are three weapons in the demo knife, silenciadarevolver and of course oneLong remote control of the sniper rifle.

Crawling bush Sniper: Ghost Warrior demo, you’re silent waiting for road to a lighthouse. Preventing detection is as important as a good shot, and racing all weapons will fail.

The story and feelings will be from 80’s action films, but that’s not that bad, and Sniper: Ghost Warrior is pleasantly different. Graphically, it’s good enough, but they are especially the speech of enemy guards, is very repetitive.

Sniper:Ghost Warrior is a great change of pace for FPS games, but it’s exciting and fun, making this show very enjoyable.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 is the sequel to 2010 hit budget surprise this game uses the CryEngine 3, which gives beautiful graphics. The core of the game remains the same. It has a fun, dumb action movie, with a single-player campaign, wearing very linear and non-multichannel modes.

Multiplayer lets the game down

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 is a subtle game.The story is stupid, but is led by lush forests, mountains and in Sarajevo in Tibet. Some segmentsSee him to work with a spotter or other support staff. These piecesthey are led by watching and who to kill. The difficulty it depends depends on the configuration. Medium difficulty indicates a red dot that helps the distance and the wind while shooting, but will not be removed Hard.

A part multiplayer is small. Two teams are cut together. This hurtsQuiet game because the demand of other snipers is slow, careful. There is a real need for more creative game modes to make. Different players in the Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 range.


The controls are well treated. You can hold your breath, which slows down time slower, allowing you to play more precisely and generally you play as a first person shooter as a standard. The way of night vision infrared and are done well, but rarely do they have to use creativity.

AlthoughNever reach levels or Hitman, there’s a puzzle element to observe and learn the movements of the soldiers and it’s nice to hit a level without being detected. The good-looking environments that do not allow much exploitation, and there is the same level of detail that was fascinating in Dishonored.


Enemie AI can be a bit difficult to predict. If you criticize a long distance and are led by their team, this is not a problem. If you struggle yourself,Deciding which enemies will take the first results will not always be predictable. If detected and run by some soldiers, you will find the gun that refused to undermine yourself! You can sometimes take an enemy very close to another without problems, but seperate will generally warn everyone for their position. But Conclusion

In addition to the rogue AI Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 is a pleasant adventure, short sniping. You do not have a cam cam bloody Sniper Elite V2, but itIs a solid shooter game.

Ginger Spell and Grammar Checker 2

Ginger Spell and Grammar Checker 2

Ginger Spell and Grammar Checker 2

Ginger spelling and grammar checker is a free universal spell checker.

If you always make stupid mistakes in grammar and spelling their online chat or text documents, you will want to make sure what you write is correct before the public. Ginger Grammar Spell check is a good idea to make sure that they do not do silly spelling or grammatical errors down onlineinterakcji.

Ginger Grammar Checking Spelling works with Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Office. It must remain online,so it all works.

When checking Ginger Grammar spelling, press the F2 key to each window, and you can amendments to the text that I wrote investigation. Unlike other editors, Ginger Grammar Spell Check is contextual, providing accurate and reliable correction.

Another great feature of ginger is able to automatically all regstellingsin. Where others just mgacorrectors correct word individuall, Ginger improve long sentences without many problems.

Ginger has certain limitationsin which niepracować many other text editor that feature for those who chose to restrict use editors like OpenOffice or LibreOffice.

Ginger Grammar Spell Checker is a great way to make sure your writing is grammatically sound before anyone saw him.

Audacity 2.1

Audacity 2.1

Audacity 2.1

Audacity lets you edit all popular formats ofaudio files.

Redistributable importssounds and music, putting sound effects for individual tracks and mixes things such as music tracks andpodcasts together.

professional features

Audacitypostavlyaetsya with profesionalnoredaktirane and recordingfunctions. You can create both live recordings and ascut songs. Results are stored asone of the many supported audio formats. In addition, audio Audacity is set with multiple effects, ekvalayzerai frequency analysis on board. adopted required, you can extend the free Audacity pluginsby the manufacturer.

Create your fingertips

The user sets all settings interfeyseAudacity person. Commands to cut, copy and paste allow totinker befriend her own songs. You can svarzheteAudacity a microphone to add your own voicerecords.

zuhvalistyavlyae course of the music of the horizontal scale. can be canceled by one can be useful in an emergency neobhodimostivse!

Audacity doesn’treach certain level of paid programiprofesionalen design. The interface looks like a sober, sometimes even a bit outdated.In our test, the app also crashed several times.

Conclusion: An excellent free audio editor

Audacity allows you to mix your own tracks in the shortest terminizovsim. blagodaryaudoben set of tools and effects can be getdecent quality sound in small productions.Just remember that a little time to prepare the patience it takes to achieve maximum benefit from this tool.

Autodesk Pixlr 1

Autodesk Pixlr 1

Autodesk Pixlr 1

Autodesk Pixlr Windows is the best free image editor allows you to easily apply filters, effects and adjustments to your images. Editing images without having to be an expert, this is important.

Everything you need for basic photo editing

AutodeskPixlr very little time for image editing. It offers useful tools for photo editing, you can change your photos in no time uztekoguztiak. kufanyamsingi editing tasks on images, text, borders, add effects and filtritya includes everything you need.If you want red eyes, change resolution, color, contrast, shape and brightness of the image, along with many other effects.

Liven up your pictures, you also have the opportunity to addingoriginal stickers.

Whatever photo editing tricks you want to test, and the easiest way to egingoahalikTo Pixlr and visually.

Finally, Autodesk Pixlr Windowsutapata save PNG, JPEG, BMP or TIFF format images edited, and possibly share them on Facebook or Twitter.

menyutaRabota with dynamic large space

Autodesk Pixlr the interface is characterized by its excellent usability. large work spaceand editing functions (pretty, witty, effect, overlay border, stylized, stickers and type) are located on the left side of the screen.

The menus are pretty powerful. Click on one of them to expand and draw different versions and previews. All effects and filtersyou can see the selected category.

Flash Movie Player 1

Flash Movie Player 1

Flash Movie Player 1

Playing Flash files is increasingly important due to the increase in the number of sites such as YouTube and Dailymotion.

Flash Movie Player is free and as the developers say, no nag screens, no ads, no spyware, and no time limit. This gives you greater control over Flash movies than most players, so you SWF movies, animations and Flash games on rewind or play any position to prevent possible. The program can extract pelikulaEXE fflachFfeiliau projector and saveSWF format as well ditin even let you play, sorting function and to produce full screen with auto-hiding navigation bar conveniently disappears when the film is in full swing. In addition, you can share pictures easily even create your saving formats are limited to JPEG or BMP format. The program allows you to view the SWF files which means you can closet SWF files from the RhyngrwydExplorer, Firefox and Opera cache to your playlist. In addition, the program can ringtriggerflash movie as jouskermbewaarder of random selection of clips.

A large flash player you have 100% control over your files and playlists played grant option.

Street Fighter 2

Street Fighter 2

Street Fighter 2

Street Fighter 2 is an arcade fighting game adaptation Capcom PC 1991 story.

Ryu. If you’re a fan of fighting games, then only the name is enough to take you right back to the nostalgic world Fighter Street. successful series – which began back in the 80s – started in the arcades and still knocking around on various platforms.

Street Fighter 2 adapts all the fun of the second phase of mfululizoPC. He said the computer game leaves much to be desired in comparison metVoormaligArcade game. That, and the fact that you probably are not a bunch of guys standing behind you and cheer when you have to fight street

Street Fighter 2 is the graphics look good, but the background noise is set for the PC version. The speed of the movement of the street fighter 2 This adjustment is also very slow, even on kompyutaNguvu.

that’s pretty good, Street Fighter 2, including all eight characters from the original game. commands are customizable, and you can choose between playing alone inArcade mode or challenge friends to fight one-on-one.

For old-school arcade fighting games on the computer, you can not beat the Street Fighter 2.

Street Fighter and Tekken, two of the greatest fighting games in history, street meets Fighterx Tekken fighting game for the PC.

Make it a good fight iawngêm, both issues. Street Fighter, take the aesthetics of the previous statement. As Street Fighter X Tekken display graphics in modellerenP2 who are verygood and have a look at some of the cartoon. Tekken, takes the characters and detailed treatment.

What we love about Street Fighter X Tekkentimu game where you can combine your fighters to take out spectacular attacks. This leads to a highly entertaining fight.

Otherwise, Street Fighter X Tekken Arcade mode plays traditional and online means that although somewhat limited in the types of matches, highly optimized and offers a fantastic gaming experience.

inend, StreetFighter X Tekken is a fighting game that is big and impressive sanaimepata what seemed impossible: unite two sagas best fights in history.

Note: Download to have the full game, you have to install Steam account the legitimate user and eichPC.

If you want to see the video, cheats and Street Fighter X Tekken features extensive tour OnGames.

Adobe Photoshop CC 2015

Adobe Photoshop CC 2015

Adobe Photoshop CC 2015

Adobe Photoshop is a program for professional-quality digital images and effects berbagaimacam changes that can be adapted to hold. The software includes the most advanced tools for working with images and new possibilities for creative ideas significantly improves productivity. It allows you to edit images and also create three-dimensional graphics, two-dimensional design and film

list onewid

What changed me:

– Distribution of 32-bit and 64-bit letters pinoprosesoatincorporated Polabi old installer to select components and interface language.

– In the resulting distribution, except only Russian and English language pack. Others not included.

– Installer Service in the distribution resulting from this disabled Creative Cloud, established the distribution of the source code is mandatory.

– Many of the installer replaces the original file (cracks Painter) patched, so the gallui combining distribution date.

-the Updating Adobe Camera Raw distribution integrated into version

-Distribution is integrated in the plug, preventing spyware installation mandatory update for Adobe Application Manager for the upgrade version of 14.

– Solve a problem with plug-ins that are available to use both classes bit of both (judgment of the Painter).

– No crack folder in the image is a set of tools and detailed instructions icofrestru Adobe Photoshop CC

– Installer menu similar to adding tothe Box-version. Made in the image of Photoshop CS4 similarpara menu.

assembly Author: m0nkrus

Language: English / Russian


Type of drug: + keygen patch

System requirements:

– Intel Core 2 or AMD Athlon 64; 2 GHz or faster

– Microsoft Windows 7 with SP1, Windows 10 or Windows

– 2 GB of RAM (8GB recommended)

– GB of free space on the hard drive to install the 32-bitfersiwn; GB free space on hard drivei install the 64-bit version; During the installation requires more space (it is not possible to install removable storage devices based on flash memory)

– A monitor with 1024×768 resolution (1280×800 recommended), 16-bit colorand 512 MB of video memory (1GB recommended)

– With the help of the system OpenGL We – the online service requires an Internet connection and registration

maintCRC and Image

Image Size: GB (1979392000 bytes)

larawanMD5 checksum: a5f5c18b87d0f6801107f16ee8f97c62

SHA1 add image: 5c245fa7a25742a9ab26fcb1a933f0f63fc4c7b6

Color Splash Effect Pro v1

Color Splash Effect Pro v1

Color Splash Effect Pro v1

Color Splash Effect Pro

Requirements: Android and more

Color Splash processes images to grayscale and lets you choose details in color.

Color Splash Effect lets you quickly and easily give your photos a dramatic look by converting them to black and white, while keeping enter the details in color. Impact will distract viewers colored areas, creating striking images.

Most selective coloring apps give you a choice of two painting: gray or original color. Color Splash Effect givesThis PLUSThe gallui paint almost any color!

multi-touch interface intuitive and flexible Color Splash Effect makes remarkable easy and fun to use. Use your finger as a brush to “paint” sections of the black and white image, or restore the original color. Zoom in and out by pinching gesture with two fingers allows you to work on details with pixel-accuracy.


– Share your photos on Facebook means.

– Save multiple sessions to work resumeyourlater.

– Undo any number of brushes damweiniolstrôc.

– An alternative mode viewing pasemkaregiony that will remain in color with a red tint. This makes it easier to see and adjust the boundaries between color and black and white regions.

– Choose from 4 different brushes (hard or soft edge, opaque or transparent)

– Work in portrait or landscape orientation.

– Hide the toolbars in full screen mode.

– Optimized for tablets

-Pinch zoom (zoom with fingers)

– Scalable brush SizeThe

– Changing colors in pictures

Moreover naeraill:

– Provides highest resolution results.

– Provides Landscapeoraz Portrait mode.

– There are two different user interface design, one for phones and one for tablets.

– Design Tablet provides more space for pictures.

– Colour of the most realistic action replaces Unlike other applications.

What’s New:

– Lock system Help Collage.

– collageInstallation size amendment.

– Delete button all addedgallery.

– Improved algorithm grid spacing.

– 5 new plans collage.




SHAREit 3 5

SHAREit 3 5

SHAREit 3 5

Allows you to transfer files ShareIt phones, tablets and computers in a variety of devices, such as. by direct connection of Wi-Fi, ShareIt files, photos, videos and applications can be sent from one device to another. When it works, it’s amazing, but haipouca reason to try again.

Send images, videos, programs and files transfer between gehiagocore ShareIt characteristic of people without having to use cloud storage. photos, video, muzykafayly, documentsand applications can be shared among dispositivos.Non matter what platform you use it to communicate with other devices supporting delako.Ez Share only general transfer data via Bluetooth or WiFi. Instead, as a small network of up to five wireless devices creates a direct connection. Once connected to another device, the files will be sent and received. Also, you can clone charger and the best part of its content to another device bidaltzeko.SHAREitdiverse, including Windows PC.

There betilananitzetako ShareIt also cause problems for the connection of various devices, due to the need to solve the problems. Since ShareIt not have Wi-Fi, or use a Bluetooth connection to create a direct connection with another device. This means that the access point is a device for connecting to other devices not explained in sortzen.Aplikazioa, podeconfigurar the window menu Settings Wi-Fi.Parametry “prefer pointshot “to send or receive, but the call will create hot spots aplikazioasekula exchange data devices. ShareIt also buggy. Frozen in the early stages of the application to download files. Both devices forontrasladados before restarting ShareIt izan.SHAREit when working fast. Pictures moved quickly . The transmission of video translations irregular and sometimes frozen. faylovPosle completion of transmission, the application disables the wireless connection andconnection with the original again.

polacomáis BeharrenSHAREit has the potential to be useful, but due to lack of information and explanation razocharovyvayuscheyEto. There is also a lack of polish and intuitive. Closing access to the connection point makes sense, but to go back through these steps to start transferring photo files are transferred gogaikarriak.Ez dagoAukera much easier. ShareIt good video, but this is a large file araberakoa.SHAREit compromise on ease of use, but stillnot reached that goal yet. If you want to transfer files, test Pushbullet.

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