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Icy Tower 1

Icy Tower 1

Icy Tower 1

Icy Tower looks like a game that could have been ten years ago, and even then it will not look very impressive. The game consists of one-sided pursuit top of the tower where we Homeboi is constantly jumping on the list.

You can now Icy Tower 2 free game for iOS devices!

In the published time whenevery computer game seems to successive levels of detail and złozonosciAbi add to gambling, it is to see that some developers Goede pokušalida to titles like Icy Tower, designed for a little mindless fun.

That may not sound like much, and frankly, it’s not. The only control you haveto play Icy Tower are left, right and jump. What makes this game fun is the speed of the game, crazy sound effects and exciting at the same time can jump three historieMozna if you get a perfect ramp! There are a large number of Icy Tower characters to choose aflaaiOf and form!

collectbodoveudaranjem bell at the top of each level and building springkombinasies Icy Tower. The result is a fast, fun game that you can download at any time, for a minute or play for half an hour.

Icy Tower is a simple platform, which is very vciagajacajest despite its simplicity.

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