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NCIS: Los Angeles s08e11

NCIS: Los Angeles s08e11

Office of Special Projects (OSP) is a clandestine division of NCIS and resides in Los Angeles, California. Go deep undercover to capture criminals that threaten national security. Group G Cullen, chameleon, Sam Hanna, Cullen and partnersurveillance specialist; Kenzie Bly, addicted to adrenaline; Martha Dix, LAPD communications department to help matters NCIS; Bill Jones, Eric Nell provide computer support and Henrietta “Hattie” Lange, director of operations, who neupravlyayeS├│money and wealth, but karamihanteam. They have access to the latest technological developments, and to do everything necessary to get the job done. Nate Getz, worked as a psychologist, who helped the team with the mission and their own mental health and Dominic Vail, is a team newcomer.

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