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Sing 2017

Sing 2017

Set in a world like ours, but completely flat animals, Sing Star Buster month Pine Koala, who once controlled a large theater, which had fallen on hard times. Buster is the eternal optimist, well, maybe a little crook who love the theater, the first, and will do anything to spasu.Sada,Still Life kroshenie his ambition, he has one last chance to regain his glittering gem to its former glory, which produces the world’s largest singing at.

RingsThirteen years after the events of “The Ring” Samara is back to normal videokasetatai ońćekivanogda hit a few, and HoltJuly.


Classification: NA

General Release Date: February 9, 2017

Genre: Horror

Duration: Not available

Distributor: United International Pictures

Cast: Luc Matilda, Alex Rou David Dorfman, gravel, Aimee Teegarden

Directed to F. Javier Gutirrez

Format: 2D

bulkazhena the end of the daygrasping the terrible curse that threatens to kill for 7 days. Iuliiastaie care of his friend Holt as he explores the dark urban legend about a mysterious videotape said to kill guided by seven days sled.Tia sacrifices to save prijateljadok doing terrible discovery: a “movie film” that no onenever seen.

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