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Papers, Please 0

Papers, Please 0

Papers, please, this is an unusual game in which you play as an immigration inspector. Your job is to make sure that everyone goes through the border have their papers in order, and follow the set change immigration laws.

entry documents vidmovlenoU, pleaseyou plays a citizen of the Republic of Soviet-style, is said to work as an immigration inspector. Do not earn much and financially punished for mistakes. As each person comes through immigration,you should make sure thatpravylno.Tse is increasingly difĂ­cilno course of the game, so it can be easy to lose something that brings shtraf.Vy should make sure that you can feed your family and keep them healthy, so that the error can be bad consequences for them. It is difficult manageyour base salary, so that mistakes can lead to choose which family member you want to stay alive. Pretty depressing monotony material.Pryhnichuye retroPapery like a well-designed interface andgood control, can easily pidibratyyakgame progresses. Graphically, foiollar 8-bit pixelated to what fits gray Soviet sensation 80 years in the game. But the documents, please, this is not a game where graphics or sound is the main attraction. This is a game that will make you think and makes you look at the type of person whatwhat would never have to choose between worthy immigrants and take care of your family.

You’re a bad person? Funds satisfy entertaining game in the traditional sense of theword. But it rozroblenyyi compelling, well written. As proof that video games are not dumb, and can be “art” is great.

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