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Typically, the most popular instant messaging application WhatsApp is only used on mobile devices (Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry), but with a brand new PC and Mac versions of the software, you can finally use your computer! All you need to do is simply install WhatsApp program, so you can chat with friends directly from your Mac or Windows PC. Although it seems to work well, so far it is far from kamilifu.WhatsAppThe network is currentlyNot liLabda programs were already known WhatsAppSieć – version you from a web browser vyowezakutumia. WhatsApp for the PC is the same, but there is no need to open the browser kuitumia.WhatsApp for PC to the mobile version of the software is similar, so if you use it every day, it certainly does not take long to depend From their duties. This version offers everything one would expect (only on the big screen) to see and advertiseAbility to chat, send and create images, documents and information, create and manage groups, change your profile image, nkYote seems to be quite large, but there are some limitations of the software. For example, it is not possible to share your location or you can add contacts mpya.Ndiyo, although WhatsApp for PC is an option that makes life a little easier every now and then, this is not something that will replace the device go mobile phone Soon

EverythingHas launched lakiniIli with the PC version of the software, you first need to scan the QR code with a mobile device, which will be prostujak WhatsApp will ndao.Kama you have questions about this procedure, please click here kamili.Baada scan Bills to train WhatsApp already registered is the phone associated with a new computer, and you can start to speak! Options in the desktop version is very nice (reminiscent of WhatsApp for Android) .The fact is thatIt does not take on your side a lot of effort to get all you need, and it is just a pleasure to speak at an accelerated pace dziękiklawiatura. If the camera and / or microphone, you will also be able to send the photo / video / audio, video.Jambo another more serious about using the PC version is that Internet connections are usually faster Than on the phone, so the data transfer is much faster and the like furniture. Yote in totalWhatsApp for PC workspace, but it does not just depend on the phone. You can speak directly from your computer, mobile device must however be connected at any time. In standardziewyższa in this spirit, put it behind competitors like to LINE wakekama and telegram, which have their own, independent stationary versions.

Was it worth the wait? WhatsApp users for years to ask for the desktop version, and finally, even if it was not 100% is what we had expected. AlthoughVersionWorks very well and offers almost all the same features as the mobile version, but it does not have one of the most important ability to work independently. We can only hope that żeFacebook, which is backed up in 2014 the software, you will report flawna a nice surprise to get in the next update.

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