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Beach Head 2002

Beach Head 2002

Beach Head 2002

Beach Head 1983 is an action / strategy game during World War II. You play a role in the amphibious landing trying to capture the island in the theater of the Pacific Ocean. Stage of the game you will be responsible for multiple reflection patterns fleet originally attacking end position pratsivnika.Kozhny stage is another minigame to make the experience very different.

Combined arms operations

Beach head H what was important when he was releasedOn the B80’s, and it’s easy to see why. Although the term is the most important (but more ambitious day), it includes various types of different games of navigation on the woman to transport to drive one package. Need to get a boat to fight the enemy armored vehicles must have a tank during Drive the attack and then take the bunker by defending it’s hard to catch the island. Control the simplest basics you only control the steering wheel over the vehicle, and sometimes pictures – minimalismA sound.

Classic Honored

Image beach head 80s, and, of course, a cherry in modern ekventsentsegeympley can be fun and interesting. If you are interested in the history of video game title ambitions is worth checking out.

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