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Bus Simulator Demo 2008

Bus Simulator Demo 2008

Bus Simulator Demo 2008

Bus Simulator puts you behind the wheel of a traditional urban bus and challenges “tours” complete or completion of any bus routes of the city must follow. But not only Bus Simulator driving simulator, meaning you have to take carebusiness by deciding the price of tickets or renting advertising space on the vehicle to make it more profitable.

Bus Simulator driving is not as easy as mae’nymddangos at first glance, not only will you need to find your way into onbekendestad (Note that you canto open the card key M), but also should stand on every bus stop in your path opening and closing doors and follow your way to the next. Do not forget to obey traffic signs, I do not stop any red lights (too much GTA IV influencesmy driving style, happily only a virtual seriously) and fired in about 5 minutes.

Bus Simulator are just fine Graphicyn, very realistic, but certainly not the best I’ve seen. Physics niebaie complicated osobenokoga it comes to breaking barriers or other cars (hey, do notlaugh at me, I do not control that bad, I just have to prove it!). In addition, bus Simulator original game as exciting as driving a bus looks in real life.

The main feature of the bus Simulator is undoubtedly its originality; despitethat, it’s just a standard driving simulator with some management tools for business that can be fun for a short time.

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