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Everyone knows there that there are two kinds of game – Pro Evolution Soccer, and those you love, and what they should be when.

FIFA, however, some versions of the game more and more moves these circumstances, to me, shocked me (as often happens, it seems to me rather than Pro Evo). It has the best of the game, it seems that the FIFA and finally the 8 mult Estes date estate vrystellingtot’s.

8 and always giving thanks play FIFAom, rather than a few tweaks to the shooting mechanism,and to defend the homeland, the more liquid the pressure of the player attributes, and that the power of the press for this as it was very nice, very realistic simulation of the game. Graphics are lively and individual work and do the crowd as animated and recorder intueberistelly.

The previous version bestuurin the morning, and FIFA 8 has a feature that is known to always have a football game to be a long time. He said: “The Pro Co-op Season” apart to create your profile player, and the playerto play the Adamic with the team in a season or online. It is an interesting experience that joudie an opportunity to prove how good you really develop your skills it, and the game is for each player.

Because when it’s a slippery than usual Pro Evo is really presenting options, and the most in 2008 to a small number Fusceom to go to the FIFA 8.

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