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Reigns v1 0

Reigns v1 0

Reigns v1 0

Manager (Full) APK-XpoZ

| Category: Cards | Android is required and up |

Sit on the throne as king of the kind (or malicious) Middle Ages and modern times King steal your finger to the left or right or force their will to impose on the kingdom.

What’s New in This Release:

Symbol changed. Fixed music and SFX sliders that do not work.

Game review:

Sit down on the throne as a king of the kind (or malicious) middle ages and steal the kingYour fingers albonaleva or right to fold fold empire. He survived the challenge of seemingly endless inquiries from your advisors, peasants, allies and enemies, while maintaining the balance between the fractions most influential of your kingdom. But beware; Any decision you may have to make implications and consequences, unfortunately on the road, that would give yourFamily’s domination and dynasty in danger!

Each year the government of your applicationBrings allegedly accidental Another important from your kingdom nepradkazalnayyak you balance balance between the church, ypobl, army and treasury. Wise choices and careful planning to make the incentives for a long-term control, but unexpected shocks and failures can also entrench the monarch the most entrenched. Expand reign as long as possible, form alliances, make enemies and find new ways to die than your ancestors along throughCenturies march. Some events, the span of the century, burned with the secret with witches, science education, evil politicians, perhaps the devil himself.

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