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Need for Speed

Need for Speed

Need for Speed

Need for Speed ​​is the latest episode in this beautiful underground racing game saga. This will to a computer came in 2016, but has since released on Xbox One and PS4, we thought we’d let you know what we thought. Of course, if something goes horribly wrong with the port will change this view.

repeat history

Like previous installments and Burnout Paradise saga – which veelcreatieve talents share – NFS is an open-world racing game. It tells the verhaalvan a petrol head wannabe whothe world of illegal underground racing go.

What this means in practice is a game where characters you set a variety of driving missions in exchange for experience points and money invested in new vehicles. These assignments ranging from classic races to time trials, and even specific driving challenges do donuts in town. In short, nothing new for anyone who is a race game played in the past five years.

Along the core Story Mode, Need for Speed ​​offers several other maniereom yourself onlineenjoy with friends. Oh, and on the topic of online, even when playing a single player NFS force you to stay connected to the Internet which is becoming a nasty standard for EA games.

Pleasing arcade ESQ

NFSis a very fun game, and the fans will appreciate the depth of the tuning and adjustment. During the game you can buy 51 different cars waaropjy can pull absolutely everything from pure aesthetics and adjust gear ratios. Indeed, in our experience Racing online, it seemsall something that a number of exciting interest contribute to this element races.

Need for Speed ​​games as an arcade game, but it’s still genoegom sure you will never be bored for feel patronized by getting one of his routes challenging. Expect lots of handbrake turns and learn how to master the drift.

as virsy looks, EA still at to take full advantage of its frozen engine to a beautiful and realistic spelwat together cruises to deliver a solid, unwavering 30 fps. The game enginesupplemented with actual FMV sequences for story moments, to let you communicate with the characters as their music, to discuss cars, and everything else the children of the NFS world these days.

Funny and novel

Need for Speed ​​ensure a pleasant racing game, with exciting set-pieces rondomsy open world circles. Visually stunning, it is a pleasure to watch as the license cars tearing their way around the world. Just do not expect innovation: NFS follow the path of the previous titles.

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