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Code::Blocks 13.12

Code::Blocks 13.12

Code::Blocks 13.12

Code :: Blocks is a development environment for the programming language C ++. 20 different compiler, Microsoft Visual C ++, C, smaller, Digital Mars and Borland C ++ support.

plug-in computer

The program is fully configurable for pelbagaiplugin and options. For example, automatic formatting code or a comprehensive development environment (IDE) for creating short-time feature related hautatuzluzapena.

construction process

code :: Blog eliminate Makefile construction processis faster. If the collective parallel support such speed that you can burn your partner will be very large.

Help is always available (in PDF)

What Code :: Blocks IDE usually provided any valuables salt, tabs, line numbers, syntax coloring, automatic code completion, smart indentation, and so on. baduzuinoiz stuck, just look at the PDF manual.

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