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Alien: Covenant 2017

Alien: Covenant 2017

Borders to planets deep in the far next to the galaxy, members (Katherine Uoterston, Billy Crudup) Pact colonies of ships to find out what they think to be an unexplored paradise. Over there, they meet with David (Michael Fassbender), who survived a synthetic Prometheus expedition imposed a doom of seksa. The mysterious world is no longer dark and when dangerous alien life forms hostile causes the crew’s death struggle to continue living.

Krew colony, associated withDistant planet to unlock Uncharted Paradise zzahroza beyond their imagination, and must try a frightening escape. The son of the shipColony Pact, who was sent to a distant planet in the far side of the galaxy, discovered that they think an untapped paradise, but a truly dark, dangerous world. When they detect a threat beyond their imagination, they should try to frighten the escape

Border to the far-away planet next to the galaxy, the sons of the ship find the colonyCovenant ship they think it is an untapped paradise, but naspravditemnyy, dangerous world – the sole occupant is David still living synthetic expedition doomed Prometheus.

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