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The Case For Christ 2017

The Case For Christ 2017

In 1980, Lee STROBEL award-winning investigative journalist make it legal to promote the editor of the Chicago Tribune. What ship are not so good. His wife Leslie newfound faith in life ChrystusaLee training of journalists and the right to prove his claim of Christianity-pitting atheism in his faith to grow. According STROBEL best-selling book of the same name, in the case of Christ and powiedziećserdeczne journey that interest. Coming to theaters in 2017, with pomestuvanjeprikaznata is for anyone who has ever considered the existence of theirrole in the life of them.

w1980 (Mike Vogel), an award-winning investigative journalist Lee Strobel way to promote legal editor of the Chicago Tribune. The ship is not as good. His wife Leslie (Erika Christensen), a newfound faith in Christ, forced Lee to train journalists and regulationsto try to prove the claims of Christianity, that atheism increases his pit her faith.

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