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Rings 2017

Rings 2017

A young woman (Matilda Lutz) becomes concerned about her boyfriend (Alex Rowe) blows up when the subculture of the dark surrounding video of a mysterious spoke kill the viewer seven days after watching it. She sacrificed to save her friend and, at the same time, made a terrible discovery:Film inside the film, no one has ever seen before.

Set in the world, like us, but inhabited by Lao Sin oriented music star Buster Moon as president and dapper Koala, TencaĆ­do large theater when it is difficult. Buster is an eternal optimist, well, maybe a little rogue, you like coats,And will do everything to save it. Now before the collapse of his ambitious life, The last chance to decorate his fading past glory with his products is the world’s largest singing competition.

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