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Born In China 2017

Born In China 2017

Born in China about the adventures of three animal families grand panda, golden monkey savvy and elusive ounce. With stunning images, the film goes into wide icy land of mountains in the heart of the bamboo forests on the wings of a crane Toul red, representing the family surprisingly intimate momentshot on film for the first time.

From the mountains to icy heart bamboo forest, director LuChuan the adventures of three families hayopinChina: grand panda, golden monkey savvy and elusive ounce.

Going in the forests of China, Born in China captures intimate moments with panda bear and her cubgrowing gold monkey boy who feels displaced by his sister, and snow leopard have struggled to raise his two son. Said John Krasinski ( “13 hours: Secret Soldiers Benghazi,” NBC «The Office», «Amazon» Jack Ryan “), the new adventure of real life Disneynature» Born inChina “takes a trip épicapara forests of China, where a few people dare. Following the stories of three families of animals, the film transports viewers to some of the most extreme conditions of the Earth to observe some of the most intimate moments ever captured in a film of this kind. matypandapatient guide your child begins to grow, exploring and find freedom. Two-year gold rynopyteky feel their bagongkapatid displaced women joined a group of exiled spirit. And snow naileopardo wild animal rarely caught on camera face the very real drama increasingher two children in one of the harshest climates in the world, and there is no mozhlyvosti.Z stunning images ever seen the movie becomes vast land, Mount frost China …

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