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The Promise 2016

The Promise 2016

Set in the last days of the Ottoman Empire, after the promise of a love triangle between Michael, a medical student, a brilliant, beautiful and refined Anna and Chris – a famous American journalist from Paris.

The police-trapped police trap (AaronPoole), patients and hospital staff,Which is the gateway to crime.

The brilliant medical student Michael (Oscar Isaac) meets the beautiful dance instructor Anna (Charlotte Le Bon) at the end of 1914 they spark nasledstvoatrakcijaThe Armenian joint exploded contest of romantisantara Michael and Anna’s girlfriend (Christian Bale), an AmericanA photographer who is devoted to exposing the truth. The Ottoman Empire collapsed in the chaos of war, passions must be suspended, as they join themselves and the people they contradict mendapatkankeamanan.

Soon after giving the patient to the hospital staff, the police wereStrange and brutal events that seem to be associated with a group of mysterious disguised police figuri.Koga Carter (Aaron Poole) shows a man covered with limp blood on a desert road, iacepat to a local hospital with Barebone, night shift staff. How a cult figure is dressedSurrounds the building, patients and staff early turn greedy crazy. Trying to protect the victim, Carter leads into the depths of the hospital manamenemukan gateway to major crime.

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