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DimScreen 1.1

DimScreen 1.1

DimScreen 1.1

DimScreen is a small application that changes the brightness of the screen easily. Laptops, this is accomplished by two shortcut (Fn and two soft buttons); It’s computers, such as desktop where the key does not work or does not exist, that DimScreen proved.

Because it is notrequired installation executable file DimScreen z. B can be located in any folder, your Home folder. Right-click the icon notificationbubukasOsvetlenost menu with ten different Ebenen.Um help you find the icon DimScreen automatically on the menu.

Abbreviations are really useful. They are configuredsettings menu. They are an excellent substitute for the function keys on the laptop. DimScreen, also offers the opportunity to select the level of brightness, which is active at the beginning of the program.

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