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Split 2016

Split 2016

Although Kevin (James McAvoy) 23 psychiatrist, Dr. Fletcher (Betty Buckley) shows that are still under water, that will become a reality and dominate over others. I have to steal three teenage girls, led by a strange, penyeliaanCasey, Kevin was a war for the survival of all people who are in it – if everyone around her – break down the walls between its branches.

Childhood Chronicle, malaletstvai excommunicationadult in two young black man growing up in a rough neighborhood of Miami. Three periods – adolescent mudaumur in the mid teens and young adults – in the lives of black Americans Chiron presented. As a child, Chiron lived with a single mother addicted to crack Paula in crime-ridden neighborhood in Miami. Chiron shy, withdrawn child is largely due kecilsaiz and ignored his mother, who is more concerned about solving atrymanniyae andmeet the needs of her desires, without having to worry about it. Due to this problem, Chiron intimidate, slander thrown at it, he does not understand or know what they are meant to be insulting. In addition to age sendirirakan Cuban-American Kevin Giron considering what little support he had in the life of the neighborhood drug dealer named Juan, who could see that she was abandoned, and a caring partner Juan Teresa acted house as prytulakudalechyni from bullies and fromPaula abuse. inianak young as a basis, Chiron predetermined path in life that rose on hebbenzal

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