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Adguard Premium v6

Adguard Premium v6

Adguard Premium v6

Adguard offer reliable and processed directly and without protection, load their participation in the filter web pages. Adguard eliminates annoying ads, block dangerous web pages load, and will not allow anyone to track your activities on the Internet.


– Comfort and safety

– Surprised how much more comfortable and it will be safer on the Internet after installing Adguard.

– Adguard for Windows

– A brief overview of the major changes: memoriaerabilerasubstantially reduced, in addition to the new filter VOT in the corresponding ad integration is a special extension, a new browser window, popular programs and applications for errors and added support for fixed contrary to the further processing.

– Reduce the memory usage

– We have significantly optimizes the use of memory. Now, the old computer, or even if you use a bad netbook Adguard will work silently in the background without slowing downyour device. vergelijkenWe have the previous version of the memory footprint. etadugu rezultatarekao featured several times smaller.

– More ad filters

– In addition Adguard has become even more extensive. Now users to install ad filters. What does it mean? In addition to the Adguard filters preinstalled by default these third parties, such as the Internet Adguard in different languages ​​in different segments, in particular, as a list, you can filter for adsblock to add. All this can be done directly in the program, samoKliknite the Add button if you want elected hautatuzIragazki.

Display of the dangers

– Trust Web Integration is now placed in a special extension, which can also be turned off. Also visit a memorial to a suspicious site has changed. Tanks our Adguard help immediately informed about the reputation of the sites to which the site is considered to be suspicious, therefore, be explained. categoriescan be presumed, in particular, fraud, illegal, immoral engainagarriaerreklamazioili, poor customer experience, privacy, and other risks.


1. Unpack and install

2. Connect the patch installation directory and copies

3. Enter the administrator patchals

4. patch and wait in order to achieve the goal

5. Done.

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