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WAMPServer d 64

WAMPServer d 64

WAMPServer d 64

WampServer The program and environment allow you to create web applications with PHP Apache2 and MySQL database. The application is very intuitive, although it has many features. The service and software seem to be completely free.

A safe environment for creating web application

WampServer will automatically download and install the program on your computer if you allow. Once installed, you can access the app development kapaligiran.Maaraari can create a sub-directory to www and add your PHPL file. The softwareAllows you to manage your MySQL and Apache services. You can give all access to your environment, or you can restrict it to a local host. You can manage your settings and gain access to your files and settings to get your notes. You can also create aliases and if you adjust your server without affecting your settings file.

Conclusion – A Safe Place For App Developers

The WampServer software is very small and very easy to install. Once installed on your computerHas access to the development environment and starts creating web applications in a safe place. The environment has been created for program developers and a forum for any questions.

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