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Audacity 2.1

Audacity 2.1

Audacity 2.1

Audacity lets you edit all popular formats ofaudio files.

Redistributable importssounds and music, putting sound effects for individual tracks and mixes things such as music tracks andpodcasts together.

professional features

Audacitypostavlyaetsya with profesionalnoredaktirane and recordingfunctions. You can create both live recordings and ascut songs. Results are stored asone of the many supported audio formats. In addition, audio Audacity is set with multiple effects, ekvalayzerai frequency analysis on board. adopted required, you can extend the free Audacity pluginsby the manufacturer.

Create your fingertips

The user sets all settings interfeyseAudacity person. Commands to cut, copy and paste allow totinker befriend her own songs. You can svarzheteAudacity a microphone to add your own voicerecords.

zuhvalistyavlyae course of the music of the horizontal scale. can be canceled by one can be useful in an emergency neobhodimostivse!

Audacity doesn’treach certain level of paid programiprofesionalen design. The interface looks like a sober, sometimes even a bit outdated.In our test, the app also crashed several times.

Conclusion: An excellent free audio editor

Audacity allows you to mix your own tracks in the shortest terminizovsim. blagodaryaudoben set of tools and effects can be getdecent quality sound in small productions.Just remember that a little time to prepare the patience it takes to achieve maximum benefit from this tool.

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