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Zapya File transfer tool

Zapya File transfer tool

Zapya File transfer tool

Zapya application is file sharing peer-to-peer free, specially designed for use on mobile devices. Since this application uses share point, an easy way to transfer large files wirelessly. mentresparticipa devices connected to the same network and install the application, you can quickly move files between them and even see through the program itself. This is a great way to share documents, multimedia informationand more in the office or at home.


Zapyasimpleinterface has an easy to use, which includes a simple type of control of each group would find applications in social media with file sharing. You can share files in a group of friends, looking for friends online around quickly view files usandobuilt-in media player. data transmission through merezhubezdrotovoyi easy and fast, free; You can set up file sharing and leave finish itself. The result is an instant experience infinite ituBaikand easy to use file. There are some restrictions on quepodes making; For example, user groups limited no more than five members.

A good choice for users, Wi-Fi

If this rayonide large number of users sharing the same Wi-Fi network, such as offices or universidadeZapya is a tool for sharing files that is very easy to use.

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